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But You’re Long Gone

July 15, 2009

Why do I have to fly
Over every town up and down the line
I’ll die in the clouds above
And you that I defend I do not love

Last night I lay up listening to music. It was shuffled, and suddenly Keane’s ‘Bad Dream’ came up. I was about to skip when, after five seconds into the song, a wave came over me. I’ve been speaking about waves before, especially waves of emotion, but this time it was not quite like that – it was a wave of memories, and in this case, winter.

The thing is, this song reminded me of December two years ago, probably connected with the Keane gig at Spektrum that November and the listening to their second album around that time. And as I lay there, eyes closed, in my relatively cold room, I imagined my way back to that time.

There would be snow outside the window, and it would be late – I pictured myself sitting in my window sill like I have done so many nights, breathing fresh, ice cold air, smoke coming out of my mouth. I would look up at the frosty sky above me specked with clear stars, and it would feel like the world around me had frozen too, like the cold ground beneath all the snow.

There would be no sounds, no people in the streets, no airplanes above, nothing. Just me, sitting there. And suddenly it would begin to snow – tiny crystals of frozen water would start their way down to the ground, where they would layer up on top of the snow already there. I would begin to freeze, but still not move. At this point, I would feel frozen as well, not able to move, just able to watch the beauty of the nature around me.

And suddenly, as I was deep away in this memory, I opened my eyes slightly to see that the sky was completely different  outside – allthough it was late, the sky was not dark and star-strewn, and there was most definetely no snow. The rooftops were their same old colors of black and red and all the trees had green leaves.

I remember sighing, turning around, dazily turning off my iPod and throwing it on the floor. But as I closed my eyes again I still felt a bit of that cold winter night behind my back.

[Song: Bad Dream | Artist: Keane]

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  1. sabina42 permalink
    July 17, 2009 12:08 AM

    I don’t know what to say. This post was too beautiful to criticize, or even comment (though I’m still doing that). You’re just great. Your posts are just great.

    I’m only commenting to show you that I’ve read your post and actually thought through it. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I have to comment, no matter if I don’t have anything to say.


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