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Speak To Me And Don’t Speak Softly

July 30, 2009

I feel compelled to just yell out for you
To say the words that you can’t bring out
But I cannot do everything for you
And if I don’t then these stones will shout

Hiya, everybody! I know, I know, blogging is not super, but it’s vacation and I’d much rather do other things than camping in front of the screen. I will take my time and write about Ireland, but I still don’t have the energy, I’m still going over it in my head.

In the meanwhile I want to write about a movie I saw last night, the one called ‘Changeling’ with Angelina Jolie. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want it to be spoiled then do not continue reading! Spoiler alert!

The movie is (not just based on, but it is etirely) a true story, which is extremely disturbing the more you see of it. We get to know Christine Collins (Angie) and her son Walter (9), living alone in Los Angeles in 1928. Christine works a lot, and one Saturday (I think it is in February/March) she has to take an extra shift. She had promised to go with Walter to the cinema, but has to leave him at home. He is used to this and always behaves himself.

This day, though, when Christine arrives at home, long before dark, she can’t find him. He hasn’t eaten the food she made for him, and there are no signs of him. She walks around the neighbourhood and asks everyone if they’ve seen him, but nobody has. She starts to worry and calls the police, but they refuse to help her. They say he will be back. You understand that the L.A.P.D. isn’t very talented, and is shallow and brutal.

Still, after five months, they claim to have managed to track down Walter – he was apparently found with a bum far away. They make a media hysteria of the happening, and wants everybody to see that they have done something right. But when Christine meets up at the train station, she sees that they got the wrong boy. The boy on the station is not Walter, although he (and everybody else) says he is.

Christine is forced to take home this boy, and they say that he has just changed after the long and hard months that he’s been away. She gets trapped, she cannot do anything, she can’t leave the boy on the street either. Still, she has to live with an unknown boy in her own son’s bedroom. She tries to make the police listen to her, but they won’t – they keep on trying to convince her that it’s him. Of course they’re only afraid to be busted from making a mistake.

Still, she won’t stop fighting, and gets help from a local pastor. Together they search for people who can infanct prove that this is not Walter – he is no longer as tall, he has been circumcised, he doesn’t recognise his teacher or old place, and a gap between his teeth is no longer there. All this is witnessed by the people that knew the real Walter.

When Christine starts making trouble for the police though, they start to understand that she won’t do any good for them. One day she is asked to come to the police station, and there she is suddenly shipped off to the psychiatric ward at the hospital. Here she has to stay in a room with a crazy lady and no one listens to her anymore. She does meet one woman, though – she is clear in her head, and Christine learns that she used to be a prostitute. One of her customers had been a policeman, and suddenly she was shipped off to the mental house – on code 12. They understand that code 12 is not for real psychopaths- it’s for women that are a threat to the police.

While Christine is in there, though, we see another story – a story of another police officer who gets a mission to arrest a 15-year old making trouble at a ranch outside of town. He goes there, and he catches the young man. It turns out he’s staying illegally in USA and has to be sent back to Canada. But before he is to be sent back he says he has something to tell.

And if the story hasn’t already disgusted you, it will now. We learn that this boy and his older cousin Gordon (22) used to stay at the ranch. Every now and then they would drive into town, find random kids, young boys strolling the streets alone, and then Gordon would tell them that their parents were at the hospital or whatever, and when the kid saw that the other kid was in the car he would get in, think it was safe. Sometimes they would stock up as many as five kids at a time.

Of course, Gordon was a sick, sick man. He put the kids in cages, like chickens, and one by one he would pick them out and kill them with an axe. The other kids had to sit there and listen/see this, and… Ugh. It was so frightening to look at this, it made me so noxious and was – well, you can imagine. Sometimes Gordon would not finish the kids himself, and he would make the other boy finish them off. He said that if he didn’t do it, he would finish him. I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible this must have been.

Well, luckily, the police officer took the case in his own hands and found lots of skeletons up at the ranch as well as the murder weapons. Once this was known, they asked the boy if he recognised any of the boys that had been missing the last time. Amongst these he recognised Walter. Immediately everybody knew there had been a huge mistake. They released Christine from the mental house, but of course it was horrible for her to hear about Walter.

Okay, this post is as long as a 1000 words now, so I think I will end it and say that you should see the movie yourself and find out what happened. Let me just say that it didn’t end there.

[Song: These Stones Will Shout | Artist: The Raconteurs]

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  1. sabina42 permalink
    July 30, 2009 9:56 PM

    Wow. I’ll definitely see that movie.

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