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Släck Min Törst Med Rosa Läppar

August 29, 2013

Du e för fin för mig
Men jag vill ha dig ändå
Jag passar inte in som man ska va’
Men jag vill veta hur

I want to dedicate this post to my rabbit, Tøffen. (With no relation to the lyrics, mind you. baha) I rarely post specifically personal posts on here, but I wanted to write a few words on my favourite creature, the little bundle that brightens my existence so much. After all, I think he deserves it, for keeping up with me as much as he does!

I first met Tøffen when I worked one week in a pet shop in Hamar (where my grandparents live) as a school project. He came in the first day I worked, and he was with his sibling (I always thought of him as male, so I will refer to him as the brother). The first I see of them is two little balls of fur on the shoulders of a couple who are coming to deliver them off. I immediately lose my breath over the extreme beauty and delicacy and furryness of those two; I am basically reduced to a puddle of goo.

They were put in a pen with four other bunnies, which seemed perfectly fine for them. Except that the bunnies didn’t like Tøffen. Whenever I had a free moment I would hang by the pen, watching them intensely, trying to will into liking him. Because it was truly incredibly sad: the bunnies all bundled together in a big pile of warm fluff, including the brother, but Tøffen wasn’t allowed to join them. I know, it’s horrible. So I spent all my lunch breaks with him, comforting him and petting him. I told him he was really tough for not rolling over and dying – I’m not entirely sure it’s realistic that that would ever happen, but I know for sure that if they don’t get enough love and comfort in their early days they become hostile and aggressive and not very happy bunnies.

The natural turn of events after this was of course to call my mom and say that I was very sorry, but we had to get a bunny. And not any bunny, but this bunny. My mom was frustrated, becuase the one criteria for me working in a pet shop was that I would not bring any animals home. But she came and visited me, and would you know – suddenly we were bunny owners. I guess his charm was too irresistible!

And so, life has passed in these very nearly seven (7!!!) years since that day we brought him home. This was when he was no larger than the palm of my hand; now he is a massive, small-dog-sized rabbit with a temper like none you have ever seen, and doesn’t he know it! But he’s also a very loving and caring bunny when you get to know him and trust him. You see, being as scary and temperamental as he is, there is no doubt that people are scared of him. I quite get it myself. He will growl like a mad bear if you do something that displeases him, and he will jump forward and attack you if it goes too far. He can “dig” on you with his paws and he can bite you (with his toothless mouth, so no harm done, but the intention is still clear, haha) and he can turn his back on you in indignation and disappointment.

But! When all these protests are made, and he has told you once more that he, not you, is the boss, that he, not you, is in charge and that he, not you, knows what’s best and what’s not – then he will be the sweetest little bundle ever. He will come running to you for treats, he will parade around your legs and do binkies to show off, he will stand on his hind legs and paw on your calves to beg for your attention, he will kiss and nudge you with his nose to get your attention, and his favorite move – when I’m lying on my bed and my hand is rested casually by my side, he will run up to me and lay his head down immediately next to it and wait in complete silence for me to pet him. And when I do (which is always, hehe) he will lie there until I stop (whereupon he will stay stock still for several moments until he realises he will get no more pets).

And all of these wonderful acts are what makes me love him so incredibly much, but last but not least I think the times when he settles down next to me on his own initiative are the most meaningful in a way. He doesn’t want anything, he just feels comfortable around me (and maybe wants some body warmth) and that means more than anything. And of course the time I came home from a vacation and he literally clung to my neck with both his paws for a good thirty minutes, no opportunity for letting go – I had to pull him away in the end. I might be a sentimental wreck reading too much into things, but I honestly think that when you feel this connection with an animal and there is no other explanation for their behaviour other than that they love you too – well, that’s the best happiness in the entire world.

[Song: Du E För Fin För Mig | Artist: Dungen]

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