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Tapped Into Your Mind And Soul

September 24, 2013

My days end best when the sunset gets itself behind
That little lady sitting on the passenger side
It’s much less picturesque without her catching the light
The horizon tries but it’s just not as kind on the eyes

Fall is officially here , a fact I am incredibly happy about. I even think we are thought with that awkward period when it’s ice cold in the morning but suddenly super sunny and hot in the midday. It confuses with my head (and body) because I bundle up in coat and scarf in the morning, which – when I’m done at work – turns into a death trap planning to kill me by death of heat. But now the cold has really settled in, and even though the afternoon was sunny and blue-skied it was too cold to ditch the coat. This makes me a very happy lady.

This weekend I’m going on a cabin trip, which I am looking very much forward to, considering I promised myself to spend as many weekends as possible out of town (which either means a cabin in the mountains or a big European city) this fall and winter. In a few weeks I’m going to Langedrag national park with the family to visit wolves, lynxes and arctic foxes, which I’m also looking forward to a great deal. I love animals, and I love the mountains, so why not combine it? The girls and I are also trying to plan a trip to Paris where one of us is studying this semester, so we want to really grab the chance when we have this great excuse to go… I really hope we can manage to plan it even though it has to fit for all five girls (…e.g., not an easy task).

Furthermore I feel like I’m not doing quite so miserably at school as I usually do at this point in the semester: it seems that during this time I’ve already started to fall out of it. However, the worst is usually to get back after the study weeks, which 1) never occur in the same week(s) because the teachers in the different courses love to be special and unique and seem incapable of working out a mutual plan, which results in a space of maybe three weeks with half-assed schedules which fucks with my plan, and 2) I usually don’t do what I’m supposed to do – study – which sets me even more back than I was before the study weeks, which is highly ironical and very demotivational. This year, though, I have to brag a bit and underline that I’ve read quite a few of the novels (which are usually the biggest and hardest pieces to get through), which I find more important than to read all the theoretical essays and texts. Of course I wish I could read it all, but in both semesters I’ve had so far I’ve never read it all and I’ve managed just fine without it. (Not that that is an excuse after all, quite on the contrary I suppose.)

So! This is probably incredibly uninteresting, but this is what I have to write out and thus this is what you get. My goal now is to stay away from the blog until I can honestly say that I’ve spent the reading weeks doing what I have to do: finish two obligatory essays and one film review presentation. I will go into super mode and then I can brag about it all when I get back. Sounds like a motivational plan, since I must write a post sometime before October is over! Yes. Good.

[Song: Arabella | Artist: Arctic Monkeys]

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